Capio Academy

The speakers at the 2nd Capio Congress with Managing Director Dr. Andreas Krusch (4th from right)

The Capio Group is the employer of a large number of staff with various professional qualifications.

We know very well what the practice our personnel need. Being in continuous dialogue we identify their training and education needs. One of the most important results of this work is our Capio Academy. Here we put together all the schooling and qualification measures.  Our goal is to promote and to further qualify our staff.

So the Academy introduces for example the possibility for doctors who are continuing their education, to collect practical experience in a Capio institution in European countries.

The goal of the Academy
Strategic orientation and the collection of all human resource activities, with the goal to promote and to further qualify our already employed staff.

Target Groups of the Academy

  • Doctors who are continuing their education
  • Medical career starters (from the 3rd third clinical semester)
  • Eligible staff
  • Skilled and leadership staff in management including Capio medical management levels

The „Capio Academy“ is based on 4 pillars:

  • Congress
  • Scholarship
  • Trainee programme
  • Training Academy