Capio Europe

The Capio Group, with its head office in Sweden, is one of the leading healthcare companies which are present throughout Europe. In the more than 100 centres in 60 locations in Norway, Sweden, Great Britain, France and Germany, for the benefit of their patients there are over 10 000 employees. As a Pan-European company, Capio operates over cross-border boundaries, both with regards to geographic markets as well as in the medical field.

The annual turnover currently amounts to 1,1 Billion €, where 75 percent is generated outside of Sweden.  The stationary healthcare accounts for 90 percent of the companies’ turnover; the remaining part is accumulated by diagnostic.

The stationary healthcare covers a broad spectrum of care services such as in the internal medicine and intensive care medicine field, surgery, urology, gynaecology and orthopaedics. The business group is also active in the fields of oncology, psychiatric and rheumatology as well as further medical fields.

Laboratory medicine services and medical radiology as well as for the inpatient and outpatient care belong to the key diagnostic activities.