Capio Germany

Capio German Head Office in Fulda

The German Clinic Ltd was founded in 1979 in Bad Brückenau. The company was initially active in hospital consulting. From 1996, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities as well as nursing centres were either owned or managed by the German Clinic Ltd.

Besides acute hospitals, rehabilitation facilities and nursing centres the Capio in Germany successfully specialised in the therapy of venous diseases and is the market leader. In comparison to the international clinics, the six Capio Venous Centres are leaders in quality treatment. Patients and healthcare insurances can expect very low relapse rates and operational risks with varicose vein operations compared to the same operations worldwide.

More than 30 years of business activities in the field of healthcare in Germany by the Capio German Clinic Ltd , has been permanently safeguarded and competently  expanded by the new shareholders Capio AB.