Clinic Management

Administrative Director Olaf Tkotsch

The North Rhine-Westphalia Vein Centre is a high quality level term in which we will consistently aim to justify.

Since 1981 we are the most highly specialised clinic the in NRW province that concentrates on all forms of venous diseases.

Our treatment methods and operation techniques for our patients are so refined that they have the highest degree of low risks and minimal impact, as well being relaxing for the patient. In addition outstanding aesthetic results are achieved. The continuous high degree of satisfaction of our patients and the excellent treatment results of our experienced team in our venous centre, have proven that over the last 25 years we are doing the right thing.

For our patients we work with great commitment that it stays as it is and that they can always count on us, and that their legs are in the best of hands.

Head Physician Dr. med. Horst Peter Steffen

Head Physician Dr. med. Horst Peter Steffen

The Head Physician of the Venous Centre North Rhein Westphalia is Dr. med. Horst Peter Steffen

Dr. Steffen is a vein surgeon, phlebologists, foot surgeon (GFFC), lymphologist (DGL), endovascular surgeon and endovascular specialist DGG (German society for vascular and endovascular surgery)

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