History of the Capio Clinic in the Park

1984 Establishment of the „Clinic in the Park, Specialist Clinic for Venous Diseases“ in Hilden
1999 Laser Centre
2004 Extensive reconstruction in building, in respect to patient room units.
2005 - 2007 Addition to new building, a new OP wing, patient room and treatment room was added.
2007 Moving into the new building in August 2007. The costs totalled roughly eight million Euro´s, which included the property. The complete takeover by the Capio Clinic Germany Ltd with its head office in Fulda was on the 1st November 2007.
2009 The complete reconstruction and extension of the kitchen and dining areas. The clinic becomes the venue for the yearly Hilden Jazz Festival. The beginning of various cultural activities in the clinic.
2011 Establishment of the Capio MVZ Clinic in the Park, specialising in Dermatology, general medicine and Phlebology.