Aesthetic Laser Medicine

Feel Beautiful
The years leave behind significant marks on your skin, this due to the connective tissue loosing with time its firmness. Worry lines, anger wrinkles, crow feet – these make our face old. We help you feel comfortable in your skin.

From 20 the skin begins to age. The first wrinkles are seen around the eyes and around the mouth. Later the face loses its volume and clear face contours become blurred. The face looks less firm. One looks older than one feels. Through a responsible lifestyle, balanced diet and lots of movement you can influence the aging process.

Nature still has its limits with the regeneration of old skin. It is based on a very early detection, prevention and normalization of age-related changes. This leads not only to a healthier, better quality of life but also to a prolonged life expectancy. This applies to both men and women.

Examination and Treatment