Dermatological Laser Medicine

Spider veins – The red blue vascular branches in the legs (spider veins) just like age spots and freckles on the face, these can also be gently removed. The surrounding tissue will not be affected.

Wrinkle smoothing - With "Skin Resurfacing" the laser ablates the very thin skin layers without losing a single drop of blood. The collagen fibers draw together and the skin becomes tighter. The skin begins to regenerate and grows smooth once again.

Couperose, age warts, freckles, bloody sponges and moles – after a single treatment very good results can be seen e.g. with red veins in the face. The small veins are fused and therefore look much paler. Several sessions are necessary for the removal of warts.

Hair Removal – Most of the hair roots are destroyed after a few treatments. This treatment is particularly suitable for dark pigmented hair and due to modern technology it can be used for all hair types.

Gutartige Tumore
-  Benign Tumors

Schwangerschaftsstreifen - Stretch Marks

Examination and Treatment