Strong help for weak veins

The German Venous League´s western office in Hilden provides advice free of charge. 30% of adult Germans are affected by varicose veins or problems arising from them. For the last 20 years the German Venous League´s provides nationwide activities with campaigns, consulting and the prevention of venous disorders, which is the biggest patient organisation in Germany. The Western office gives overall coverage to the North Rhein Westphalia region.

„Information and consulting is an important task that our six regional offices take very seriously” says Petra Hager-Häusler, General Manager of the German Venous League. Whether one has healthy veins or damaged veins that need healing, the treatment and therapy options are enormous and unclear to many of those affected. That is why the German Venous League lays emphasis on their work with qualified Venous Centres for patient information and co-operation. “The Capio Clinic in the Park is convinces with its high standard of medical treatment, and stands for competency and human nearness”, says Petra Hager-Häuser.

“Venous suffers are widespread and are inherited. Nevertheless, everyone can do something to minimise the problem“, says Sonja Hengst, the Head of The Western Office of the German Venous League.

Important for venous health is a lifestyle that supplements the vein circulation. With a few small tips you can achieve a lot:

  1. Avoid heat (widens the veins even more) that means stay out of strong sunlight, hot baths and saunas;
  2. After a hot day or lots of heat, cool the veins down with squirts of water (e.g. from the garden hose, without the splash head). On a daily basis: bath your feet or shower your feet and lower legs, alternating warm – cold (each 1 minute);
  3. Every now and then put your legs up;
  4. Massage daily (e.g. with oil): lower legs, with both hands covering the leg; slow and soft upwards in the direction of the knee. Each leg 5 times.
  5. For long flights or car travel always wear a compression stocking (travel socks). Always adjusted by a specialist.
  6. Stimulate the muscle pump on a daily basis: On your tip-toes slowly unrolling your foot, each one for 5 minutes;

Further tips for prevention is available in the Venous Guide, which you can order free of charge at the Western Office of the German Venous League:  Email: