Venous Test

For your health, take a few minutes of your time to see if your venous system is affected..

This test is not a replacement for an appointment to a specialist; it just shows if you have vein weaknesses.

Is there anyone in your family (parents, brothers, sisters) that has venous weaknesses/varicose veins?
Do you tend to connective tissue?
Are you overweight?
Do you take hormone preparations (e.g. the Pill)?
Are you pregnant or have you been pregnant?
Is your job done mainly in sitting or standing?
Are you often in rooms with underfloor heating?
Do you often lift or carry heavy objects?
Do you often wear narrow socks e.g. tight or high heel shoes?
Do you do too little exercise? Do you rarely walk or do a physical
Are your legs often thicker in the evenings than in the morning?
Do you often have a prickly sensation, itching, tightness feeling, pain or leg cramps?
Do your legs sometimes feel like lead in the evenings or during summer days?
Do you already have visible spider veins or varicose veins?