Quality Management

The Venous specialist team of the Capio Clinic in the Park under the leadership of head physician Dr. med. Horst Peter Steffen, works over many years at the highest medical level. New international standards are taken into account and are included in the performance catalogue the therapy strategy. Both our own works as well as the innovation in specialist areas are part of a critical scientific evaluation.

The Capio Clinic in the Park employs only experienced operators with many years of experience in venous diseases. Also in our diagnostic area we have trained and experienced staff with many years of experience.
The intended result of the venous centre is the combination of the best medical quality with personal and comfortable ambience. The attention of our physicians and the nursing staff as well as the atmosphere in our rooms, will help you feel well.

Through our many years of experience in the field of Phlebology and roughly 10.000 venous patients per year which results can be compared to those presented internationally. Study has proved a recidivism rate of fewer than 3 percent. These results compared to international standards are peak levels. The complication rates, due to the major routine of the staff and the clinic's professional skills (not a hospital), would be in the per thousand range.

You can take a look at our quality report here