Published Scientific Lectures

Dr, H.P. Steffen, head physician of the Capio Clinic in the Park, Venous Centre North Rhein Westphalia, has published a scholarly contribution on the topic “Agenesis of the inferior vena cava on the clinical picture of the deep vein thrombosis and the Phlebitis of the vena saphena magna with young men” in the newspaper derrm – practical dermatology.

The newspaper serves as a forum for physician training and quality assurance for all dermatologists, allergists, andrologists, angiologists, mycologist, phlebologists and proctologist in clinics and private practice.

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Scientific Publication in Phlebology

In the organ of the German Society for Phlebology, published in the newspaper “Phlebology”, in issue 1 / 2012, is a scientific article from the head physician of the Capio Clinic in the Park.

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