Patient Service

If you would like to treat your vein complaints in the Capio Clinic in the Park, then we have some indications for you.

  • If you are statutory health insured, then please bring from your family physician your admission to hospitalisation as well as all your recent medical results (Laboratory, Cardiovascular). If this is not possible then we will carry out the necessary examinations.
  • As from 1. January 2004 statutory health insured patients must pay a self-contributed fee of  €5 to €10 for compression stockings. If you are exempted from co-payments then please bring your exemption notice from your health insurance with you.
  • The statutory contribution for the clinic stay (maximum 28 days per year) is from 01.01.2004 is €10, whereby the admission and dismissal days are respectively counted as one day. If you were already in hospital during the current calendar, please bring your receipt stating your previous co-payment.