Cause and Treatment of Lymphoedema

Oedema means swelling. Due to a lymph drainage disorder, water accumulates in the tissue. The lymphoedema the only oedema in which the fluid is stored directly in the skin layer and not underneath.

The lymphoedema is a chronic illness that requires lifelong treatment. This doesn´t mean that the lymphoedema is incurable. It can be brought under control, as there are numerous treatment options available that have proved a substantial reduction in oedema and in the accumulation of fluid.

The complex manual decongestive therapy is used against the resistant water accumulation in the legs. This includes: Lymph drainage – a manual as well as a machine massage that improves lymph drainage – combined with an intensive daily compression therapy and stringent endurance training.

Lymphedema occurs mainly in the arms and legs. Often is only an arm or a leg affected. Due to the fact that Lymphedema does not disappear on its own, if there are indications then a Lymphologist should be seen.

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