After Care

Not to compromise the overall result of the operation as well as the healing process, we recommend that you follow the following points.

Wound Check-Up / Removing the Stiches

  • After ending the therapy, we recommend that you visit your local doctor for a wound check-up.
  • Your local doctor should be visited eight days after the operation to remove the stiches.

Compression Stocking

  • As soon as the compression bandage is removed (normally two days after the operation) the compression stocking can be worn.
  • The compression stocking should be worn day and night just before the stiches are removed (normally eight days after the operation). Thereafter on a daily basis for 2 – 5 weeks (depending on the size of the operation). We recommend that you wear the stockings during longer use of the legs (e.g. long bus rides or air travel).

Bathing / Sauna

  • It is possible to shower after about two days, by firstly removing the compression stocking and exposing the stiches. If you have small incisions with Steri-Strips (special wound plasters) then you should only shower after they have been removed (normally 3 – 4 days).
  • Swimming is allowed after two days after the stiches have been removed. Sauna as well as a hot both etc. should be avoided for at least 4 weeks.


  • Light sport activities (e.g. a long walk, a slow jog, bike riding) can be carefully done after your release from the clinic.
  • More active sports (e.g. tennis, soccer, mountain climbing, skiing) should not be done until about 2 weeks after your release.
  • Bruising can last for over a week. After the bruises start to fade there is usually small hardenings under the skin, these are harmless and will soon disappear.
  • Should you experience discomfort after your clinical release forms, please contact us.

We recommend a phlebological check-up within the first 6 months, best would be 3 – months