The preliminary examination of the veins is performed on an outpatient basis and lasts 30-40 minutes. This comprehensive vein diagnostic, in almost all cases, makes X-ray diagnosis (Phlebography) superfluous.

The following methods are available:

  • Light reflection rheography (LRR)
  • Venous occlusion plethysmography (VOP)
  • Peripheral venous pressure (PVP)
  • Colour duplex sonography
  • Doppler Sonography

Vein complaints and varicose veins are disorders, that if not treated can lead to thrombosis, ulcerated legs and embolisms. Only experienced vascular specialists work in the Capio Clinic in the Park, North Rhine Westphalia Vein Centre.

Painless examinations, modern aesthetic treatment methods as well as in- and outpatient surgical interventions, belong to our spectrum of treatment. All examinations methods for diagnosing vascular disorders are carefully carried out and are risk free.

In an elaborate patient doctor consultation, the diagnosis of venous disorders of the arterial vascular system, lymph vessel disorder, as well as the rare inflammatory vascular diseases and lipoedema will be explained. Consequently the leg arteries and the leg veins will be systematically examined through various complementary techniques. Modern diagnostic methods allow the vascular specialist a complex insight to the anatomical and functional conditions in the leg vessels.