Radio Wave Therapy

Besides the standard diversified stage-related operative forms of saphenous vein diseases, instead of the practised laser technique with saphenous vein diseases, preference is given to radio wave therapy. Up until now the experts opinion is that with radio wave therapy the unwanted secondary effects such as dermal burns, pigmentation and phlebitis as well as occasional painful vein strands under the skin, are less common compared with laser technique.

  • The surgery last for about 30 minutes and can also be carried out under local anaesthesia.
  • The operation is normally carried out under tumescent local anaesthesia.
  • In general an inguinal incision or crossectomy is not applied.
  • A control is carried out on the same day of the operation.
  • The patient must wear a compression stocking for 10 days.

Findings, methods taken into account:

  • Saphenous vein diseases and massive obesity
  • Patients with particular new emerging forms of  varicose veins
  • Very young patients with other forms of saphenous vein diseases
  • Patients that decline a Stripping operation