Those who have hereditary problems with varicose vein should regularly take care of their vein health to avoid getting varicose veins. Not everyone who is affected can guarantee that they will be free from varicose veins, but with the appropriate preventions one can at least reduce the number of varicose veins.

Important prevention measures are:

  • Movement e.g. running, walking
  • Vein gymnastics
  • Avoid overweight
  • Water treading or swimming
  • Putting your legs up

Important for vein health – before and after the treatment – is a life style that supports the circulation.

With small behaviour changes your are able to achieve a lot.

  1. Avoid heat (widens the veins even more) that means stay out of strong sunlight, hot baths and saunas;
  2. After a hot day or lots of heat, cool the veins down with squirts of water (e.g. from the garden hose, without the splash head). On a daily basis: bath your feet or shower your feet and lower legs, alternating warm – cold (each 1 minute);
  3. Every now and then put your legs up;
  4. Massage daily (e.g. with oil): lower legs, with both hands covering the leg; slow and soft upwards in the direction of the knee. Each leg 5 times. Even rubbing with vein ointment or vein cream can do good (e.g. with Heparin, Horse Chestnut and Arnica). In the process put your legs up;
  5. For long flights or car travel always wear a compression stocking (travel socks). Always adjusted by a specialist.
  6. Stimulate the muscle pump on a daily basis: On your tip-toes slowly unrolling your foot, each one for 5 minutes;
  7. Walk often, regular movement and endurance sport, e.g. power walking, slow jogging, bike riding, home trainer, swimming, cross-country skiing, stepper and vein gymnastic.

Vein conscious independent living:
Rather walk and lie instead of sitting and standing