For surgical procedures in the Capio Clinic all types of anaesthetic techniques are possible. Venous operations under local anaesthesia are preferred. Under local anaesthesia a more modern type called tumescent local anaesthetic has become popular. This allows for some patients a mild application, while others a pain free operation.

The advantage lies in the relatively limited burden compared to other anaesthetic techniques. Patients can have breakfast before the operation and afterward lunch. Our patients are also able to take a walk in our beautiful Rhododendron Park.

Even older patients can enjoy preferential treatment during vascular surgery under observation of esthetical standpoints without the burden of a general anaesthesia. Our conscious patents are cared for by our professionally patient orientated trained Op Team. With our speedy mobilisation, the thrombosis and embolism risks are reduced.

If they wish, our patients can also be operated under general anaesthesia. Please let us know your individual requirements.


In this process one understands the shutter of the defective venous valve in the groin or knee hollow region.

As a rule with a venous valve defect of a varicose vein sufferer, is that this surgical procedure has a deciding influence on the operative success.

Stripping of the saphenous vein

Stripping is the most popular term used in varicose vein surgery. With this procedure the damaged vein is pulled out by a device through a small cut (Stripping = pulled out).

It is important to note that not every damaged saphenous vein has to be removed. If only the top part of the saphenous vein is damaged, then this will be carefully removed and the healthy vein part is left in place. (This could for example be used later for a necessary Bypass operation).


This represents the method quick and uncomplicated incision free mini operative procedure von Astvarizen (Häkel procedure). The varicose vein is pulled out with a special surgical instrument through a small cut. If the size of the cut doesn´t exceed 2 – 3 mm, then it will normally be scare free.